• ‘Nature’s energy has the capacity to provoke in us connection with the divine'

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‘Nature’s energy has the capacity to provoke in us connection with the divine'

..its all about connecShen..

the Olfactory is the most POWERFUL sense organ

Becoming Australias first Non-For Profit Oil line

Ceremonial Grade Oils

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Using Intenshen Oils ~ 'unlock your greatest healing potential'

Ancient ways in modern times..

Hand crafted, bottled and blended with spirit.

Intenshen Oils have been birthed with conciousness, in every process. They are activated and wanting to meet you.

The oldest traditions believed that spirit is the highest form of healing, and so do we. Every process of engagment and handling of our Oils is done in ceremony.... and the level of healing that may be acheived is noticeably different.

Bottled and ready for the light work the plants are intended for.....

All you need is the right relationship,

And it all starts with Intenshen.

MoonTime Magick is healing our women..

"MoonTime Magick is one of my favourite things about my menstruation. It has taken my pain down by 80%- Absolute Magic! " 

I didn't expect that!

"There is something unique about intenshen oils, its like they bring a strong spirit for healing. I have experienced deep work when using it on myself & clients... I can't explain it"

What a relief it was through the BushFires...

"With the chaos of the fires and smoke in 2019-20, I am so grateful that I had the Breath of Life Blend. It truely helped me to breath and stay in harmony. Thank you so much!"

I am so glad I came...

"Not only have I got a deeper understanding on how to use oils, I feel more connected to my self, my life and my purpose. So grateful I came to your workshop"