Myrrh 100% Pure Essential Oil –10ml- Commiphora Myrrha

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Myrhh – Commiphora Myrrha. 10ml Bottle. 

Myrrh Spirit is one of power and is our oldest friends. This loyal friend has been used for at least four millenias. One of the strongest combinations before ritual or ceremonial work is a combination of Frankincense & Myrrh (See Purify & Protect Spritzer). Myrrh is a powerful healer and deserves much respect when in use. The power it holds makes it very appealing for deeper ceremonial work.You can anoint anything using Myrrh. Other than vibrating at a extremely high rate, Myrrh is a great protector. The Arab word for bitter was Murr, this translated to bitter. Recordings have been found with a direct connection to Isis the Goddess. The plants bitterness represented the ‘tears’ of Isis, greatly due to the bitter feelings of the loss of Osiris. Others have recording of Myrrh being the tears from Horus. Regardless, the Egyptians have been using this gum for healing and ceremonial burying. Myrrh extended it usage amongst the hebrews who use to drink it with there wine to ‘raise the consciousness’ before ceremonial work. We cannot mention Myrrh without the birth of Jesus. Myrrh was one of the gifts from the Magi’s, a symbol of the importance of the plant for a life of abundance and wellbeing. The energy is inspirational & Empowering by using a sense of tranquility on the mind and grounding in the digestion, it allows us to transcend. Very purifying and protective especially when used with Frankincense. Used to treat the soldiers in Greece, this plant is a healer of wounds. This was because of the ability this gum has to close wounds, and not just physical wounds- but emotional as well. This gum will be the bridge of the mundane to the enlightened. From earth to heaven. Great for dry coughs & Mouth Ulcers & Thrush. This plant is astringent , warm, dry and useful for depleted states of Spleen Qi. This abundant plant carries Anti-fungal/bacterial/inflammatory agents. It is powerful. Being Balsamic in nature is can be useful for loss of voice & respiratory imbalances, especially mixed with the fav’s= Eucalyptus/ Tea-Tree, Pine and so on. It is a great protector for your animals also. 



Element TCM


Chakra :



Moon , Jupiter ,Sun, Saturn.



Star Sign

Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces




Steam Distillation , Gum, Bark