Frankincense 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml – Boswellia Carterii

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Frankincense – Boswellia Carterii. 10ml Bottle.

About: Frankincense Spirit brings Spirit. It smells divine. Frankincense is highly prized by many ancient cultures.It brings the ability to connect to highest centres for out greatest work, extremely useful in meditation. It is the most powerful aid for meditation and space purifier. By dramatically lifting the vibrations so that nothing other may remain. The key word for Frankincense is- Purification followed by Protection. It historically has been used for exorcisms, purification and blessings. They energy of Frankincense is useful for overcoming fear. It has been noted that is also works with the energy of luck. It would be a great Oil to use to purify your healing tools before using them (or Rosemary), this also includes your meditation space, be sure to purify with Frankincense every week (see Purify/ Protect Spray). If you are purifying your house from unwanted energies~ Frankincense will do the job. It is powerful, so be cautious of who is in the house during this process. This plant has been used for divination for centuries. During meditation, upon application, ask your question that is seeking assistance. Use this oil with Myrrh when a heavy desire for protection and psychic is needed in the Aura (See Purify/Protect Spray)  May assist with panic attacks, nightmares and nerves. Its main benefit on the body is the Nervous System- therefore effecting the whole being. A must have in the home. It also carries many properties analgesic, antibacterial—depressive-catarrhal- infectious, plus many more.




Element TCM

Earth (Calm Centre)

Chakra :

Brow, Crown, Highest Self, Soul Star


Gentle Touch, When We Wait, Purify & Protect Spray


Sun (Sun + Moon+ Mercury in The Magus intelligence)




Leo, Sagittarius, Aries


Ra, Baal




Steam Distillation, Gum.