Citronella 'ORGANIC' 100% Pure Essential Oil –10ml Cymbopogon Winterianus

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Citronella Organic – Cymbopogon Winterianus

Citronella Spirit brings refinement.  Originally from Sri-Lanka, it was commonly used to dispel insect especially mosquitos. This is helpful to have around at dusk & dawn either in a diffuser, applied into a carrier oil or in a lotion or a spritzer. Seeing beyond the physical realm, mosquitos are considered amongst tribes to have exceeded evolutionary needs due to the disconnection from the earth that humanity seems to be experiencing. Mosquitoes were/are believed to be ‘sent out’ from the Earth so she can read you. This connection is important for the longevity of life. Insects have a great way of showing us where things may be stagnant, blocked or needing some extra energy, and the interesting effects of frustrations that occur from these bites could be the expression of the healing that is needed. This also represents the energetic profile that Citronella has. Citronella has the ability to ‘unblock stiffness’ within the mind & body. Citronella also assists in clearing dark thought forms and refining attention to a point of interest for healing. Its famous for its warding off of insects and it works. It also has antiseptic qualities and helps with stimulating nerves to assist in the relief of the physical stiffness. Stiffness may be experienced when energy is not flowing, to apply this with a clear intention of honouring the plant, the insects you are wishing to repel, the earth and refining flow would be most beneficial. 








Sun, Saturn


Capricorn, Leo




Steam Distillation ,  Leaves