ASCEN-SHEN BLEND 100% Pure Essential Oil- 10ml

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ASCEN-SHEN: Frankincense , O.Fennel, O.Patchouli, O. Ylang Ylang, O. Palo Santo 10ml Blend. 


This hand-crafted blended has been designed in mediation for mediation. It may be used to aid meditation and Ascension to higher frequencies. 

The ingredients are :

Frankinsence ~ used for its uplifting and purifying energies to set up the desired frequency.

Fennel~ used for it flowing and opening potential.

Patchouli~ Clears the foggy perception of the physical realm.

Ylang Ylang~ to soften and give rise to the yin & inner aspects that provide blossoming of the sensitivities. 

Palo Santo ~ used for its connection and bridge pathways for Sacred connection. 

How to Use: We recommend introducing it to the olfactory (nasal) passages prior your meditative practice. Inhale and follow it upwards. 


Is also great to use when needing to elevate the energies in the office or creative field. Or simply just dazzle in it throughout your daily life. Staying high frequency and connected to your higher self. 






Please use the graph below to assist in your uses:



Element TCM


Chakra :







NB: Intenshen Oils strongly advises AGAINST ever ingesting Essential Oils~ unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. We believe that the vibrational component of each oil is the highest potential for healing. For more information, get in touch.