Essential Oil Workshops & Masterclass


This is what the Essential Oil lovers have been waiting for!

Essential Oils have never been so Powerful!
4 x Masterclasses + 4 x organic Oils $99 
(Mon 30th Aug - Thurs 2nd Sept)

Learn how to cast your way through the ebb and flow of life using the frequency of plants. 

Smell is vibrations. Just like sounds & colours they continue to demonstrate the ability to harmonise, stimulate or sedate us.

This online masterclass is split up over 4 x days and throughout the course of the meetings we will create a unique and sentimental experience with the oils.

This upcoming workshop we will be meeting these plants:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Lavender
  3. Rose
  4. Patchouli

Without the understanding of how plants are connected to the living universe, they will always just be an oil on your shelf. Activate their potential. It all starts with Intenshen. 

You must use Intenshen Oils in this ceremony. Why? Because they are Ceremonial Grade. This means they are clean, clear and ready for activation. Find out more at

The cost:

4 x mini-masterclasses + 4 x organic 10ml Intenshen Oils ONLY $99.


Mon 30th Aug - Thurs 2nd Sept  6pm- 6:40pm via Zoom

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