Unlock the magick

 Every single one of us has the opportunity to heal. We just need to unlock the right reciepe.  

That receipe is Intenshen. 

What is intention? Simply… it is your purpose. 

When we connect to our intention/ insight/ purpose, we are effectively creating the needed neurotransmitters, hormones and proprioception to experience or enhance that reality. 

Healing with plants is a form of Alchemy.

Alchemy cannot be mentioned without the direct connection to Isis the Egyptian Goddess,  the Lady of Green Plants. She is a goddess in representation of the Divinely infused natural world. 

To heal with plants, a relationship is needed. A relationship that firstly one needs to remember the living spirit within each and every plant and the interconnectedness of the Divine it carries. The representation of the energetic patterning of a plant is a extension & expression of the universe. This patterning can be experienced Microcosmically & Macrocosmically. It helps to understand this relationship from the eyes of our ancestors. The ones that observed the importance of the energy within everything. Above most, this relationship is a relationship of mutual responsibility for healing. 

Plant intelligence is far greater than we can interpret or scientifically justify in the New Age.  A long history of suppressing the relationship with the Plant Kingdom has proven to be detrimental to our highest potential and today it is often seen that many are approaching our plant based medicines like pharmaceuticals. 

For greater evolution to the returning home , for peace and love here on the Planet, this pattern needs to change. 

Intenshen Oils supports keeping the connection with self and the plants by educating holistically with the use of Oils for healing. 

Intenshen Oils is the only lineage of plant medicines that is standing strong in representation of this change. Reconnecting people back into a healthy communion with the Plant Kingdom in honouring of the Divine. We are grateful for your support & trust.