We have greatfully teamed up with a genuine down-to earth guy down in Victoria- his name is Simon & he is the creator of SaveTheBeesAustralia/ BeeTheCure . He is working just as hard as we are to maintain integrity in walking lightly on this planet. We admire the impact he is having and we couldnt be more proud to donate money to his visions. Every bottle of Intenshen Oils that gets sold donates towards Saving the Bees in AUSTRALIA. By supporting yourself with healing with Intenshen, you are actively choosing to go beyond self .

The reason why Simon has chosen to work with us, is that he shares that same tingly feeling deep deep down that wants to care for our planet and the future to come. We share seeing the importance of giving back what we take, ensuring the cycle is… well… cyclcle !

We would love to continue growing into a worldwide non-for profit healing platform, but we need you to do that. Share the news, talk to friends, speak up and outwardly about Save the Bees Australia & Intenshen Oils. 

If you love bees, keep reading on to hear a little more about it… straight from Simon himself.

“Bees have thrived on earth for over 140 millions years and have been companions of humanity for over 10000 years. Worshiped, honoured and respected throughout the ages.

Today bees are in crisis. Last year 80 percent of honeybees did not survive the winters in Europe and America. Agricultural chemicals and the parasitic Varroa mite are to blame for the die offs. Not only have honeybee colonies been collapsing but thousands of indigenous bees including the Australian blue banded bees are under threat.

Bees pollinate the food we eat and indicate the health of the environment . Bees are the ‘canary in the coal mine’: if bees die, so do we.

Europe has recently banned a insecticide called neonicotinoids and restricted the use of the herbicide glyphosate . Bayer/Monsanto make billions of dollars out of these deadly chemicals.

If they are harming bees they are harming us.”

We believe if bees thrive humanity can thrive.

We have a focus on educating children about the importance of pollination and the rolls indigenous bees play. Founder Simon Mulvany has personally saved over 400 colonies of honeybees that were due to be exterminated.

He regularly attends at schools and community group. The enterprise is often featured in mainstream media with special emphasis on the campaigns calling for pesticides to be banned and to stop the suspicious importing of honey. Honey adulteration mostly from China is hurting Australian Beekeepers.

We are the voice for small business we have created a honeymap that has been viewed over 500000 times connecting consumers to beekeepers.

~ Simon @ “Bee the Cure”