Intenshen Oils are the Healers choice for a reason…

Did you know you can communicate with them? Let me show you how. 

Essential Oils are the “chromosone” particle of the plant. This part of the plant is responsible for communication in the living species. Communication within itself, but also with the surrounding insects, plants and seasons. A direct connection to the universal life force. This is how it got the name “Essential Oil” … it is a essential part of it living. You can communicate with these Essential Oils simply by applying your Intenshen.

What is Intenshen? Simply, it is your purpose. Communicate what, and why you are engaging with the Essential Oil and you will be amazed to see how you have just increased your Healing potential, by creating a pure relationship. Its that easy. In fact, this is where Intenshen Oils where birthed. Studies continue to support the theory of the power of the Mind, and in many case studies around the world it has been proven that when the Mind is engaged in outcome of the action (intention), we naturally produce the hormones, neurotransmitters, proprioception to experince that action…. even before it happens. Some would say it is the art of manifestion…. but thats for another time.

Purity can be scientifically proven, but it shouldn’t stop there.

There are many ways to capture the oil, the most common is steam distillation. Even through the distillation process, studies have shown that unwanted chemicals CAN be carried through and end up in the resolution.This is detrimental to the purity that is needed to support health, wellbeing & healing. 

To avoid any possible toxicity, Intenshen Oils have undergone unique ‘in-house’ QC tests such as – GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer), 

-Appearance Test

-Colour Test

-Odour Test 

-Specific Gravity/ Refractive Index, and/or Optical Rotation Test

-Technical Data assessments 

-Certifications of Analysis

-Organic Certifications

-Product Declarations

If and where relevant, an external laboratory is engaged to undertake particular tests, outside of our own capabilities. And lastly, as nature can be inconsistent, samples from previous batches have been monitored & compared to provide oil consistency and satisfaction.

Energy Matters!

All of the above testing is to maintain chemical purity, but Purity is not just in the ‘Bio-Chemical’ Realm.

But did you know that intention, focus, thoughts, feelings , handling, manufacturing and absolutely everything in the unseen world has a effect on the vibrational frequency of the Oil, including intention. This highlights the toxicity available from pyramid scheme selling and business model structures. It is all for profit or hitting targets…. Not about the healing. 

We are all about healing. It is the reasoning on why House of Shen exists. 

The most prized component of Intenshen Oils is the Vibrational Frequency.

Intenshen Oils are the ONLY Pure Essential Oil company that is Ceremonial Grade and can hold true to the title. 

Purification and Energetic Activation is the final stage in the ceremony of Intenshen Oils bottling process. This ensures that NO low-grade, alternative or negative vibrations have penetrated or altered the vibrational frequency of your oil, this allows the unique spirit of the plant to remain and do the healing work that is needed for us here on the planet. 

The value is in the healing, not the expense of it.

Price does not always give better value on a product. If something is unachievable or too expensive, it makes us ponder these questions: 

Is the price interfering with the potential for healing?

Are they being used when needed or does the expense of it stop this process?

We have come to the conclusion that for the greatest impact of healing and opportunity for better decisions to be made amongst the masses, then these medicines & healers need to be achievable and affordable. In return a ripple effect of greater resonance. 

Our products are High Quality with minimal profit……. And what we do with that profit is carried on.

SAVING THE BEES! ….read more about how Intenshen Oils is making a impact on the survival of our bees. Our future…..